About Saint John LNG

Saint John LNG is a state-of-the-art LNG receiving and regasification terminal in Saint John, NB 

and is the first LNG terminal in Canada, sending out natural gas to both Canadian and U.S. markets.

Saint John LNG is able to supply 20% of the natural gas needs of the northeast US as well as Canadian needs.

We have a maximum send out capacity of 1.2 billion cubic feet (BCF) or 28 million cubic metres of natural gas per day, which is enough to heat 5 million homes.

LNG arrives by ship to Saint John in specially designed LNG tankers and is offloaded by being pumped through pipes into LNG storage tanks at the Saint John LNG terminal.

The LNG is then restored in a highly controlled process to its original gaseous form through a process called regasification.

Then, the natural gas is distributed via the Brunswick Pipeline destined for use as fuel for markets in Canada and the US. 

Saint John LNG is proud to bring safe, clean energy to our Saint John community and beyond. We understand our responsibilities to be a good citizen in our community and we are committed to being a good neighbour. 

We meet and exceed all safety and environmental regulations at municipal, provincial, federal and international levels to ensure the safety of our community.