Fugitive Emissions

Saint John LNG has introduced a Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program to identify potential leaks in terminal equipment.

This is a voluntary program aimed at managing fugitive emissions and decreasing greenhouse gasses through the identification, evaluation and repair of equipment leaks. Beginning in 2016, the introduction of this program coincided with Repsol’s mandate, as part of the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative, to reduce methane emission levels in all areas of its operations around the world.

This program increases safety for our workers and operators, decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions and reduces product loss. The LDAR benchmark for number of leaks on identified components in the LNG industry is approximately 1.0%, and Saint John LNG is currently at 0.5%.

The LDAR program consists of five main elements:

  • Identify Equipment & Documentation
  • Leak Definition
  • Measure & Monitor Identified Equipment
  • Repair Leaking Equipment
  • Recordkeeping