Canaport LNG sends the Joshua Group to summer camp

Saint John, New Brunswick – School has ended and summer has begun and most children are preparing for a long break filled with fun activities and a week away at summer camp. For the first time since the organization began, the children of the Joshua Group will be able to have these same experiences with the support of Canaport LNG, who have sponsored 48 children to attend Camp Medley for one week this summer.

"Canaport LNG has already been such a major support to our organization so when they discussed what they could do for us this summer, my only response was Summer Camp”, says Dianna MacEachern, Board Member and Field Worker with The Joshua Group. “To have our children experience a week away is fantastic. It is beyond our wildest dreams to have so many children going."

Founder of the Joshua Group Bobby Hayes says: "The fun and peace the kids will have during this week away will be with them forever. Each child is also getting a sleeping bag from Canaport LNG and one boy asked ‘Is it really mine?’ We do what we do for times like this ".

Since 1993, the Joshua Group has been reaching out to the community by investing time, energy and resources into its passion. The vision of the Joshua Group is for all children to have an opportunity to see and participate in a better quality of life and to establish a level playing field for these children and their families.

Adolfo Azcarraga, General Manager of Canaport LNG says: “The Joshua Group is an amazing organization. The volunteers work incredibly hard in our community and spend countless hours of their time in order to provide a better quality of life for children and their families. All kids should have the opportunity to enjoy activities like this, that we may take for granted, and it is organizations like the Joshua Group who are making a huge difference in the lives of so many children in our city.”

The week away at camp will allow the children to experience canoeing, kayaking, swimming, arts & crafts, and plenty of outdoor activities as well as a wide variety of events planned over the course of the week. Canaport LNG also supplied a sleeping bag for each child and the transportation to and from Camp Medley for each week the children are attending camp.

The Joshua Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in need. Each Sunday, the group provides a breakfast and a chance for the children to gather and enjoy organized activities and games with the volunteers. Volunteers are also available throughout the week when needed. There are approximately 100 children who use the Joshua Group on a regular basis.


For more information on how to help the Joshua Group, please contact:
Kate Shannon
Canaport LNG

Dianna MacEachern
Board Member/Field Worker
The Joshua Group