Cassidy Lake, New Brunswick: Canaport LNG is pleased to provide a $10,000 donation to Portage Atlantic, the residential rehabilitation facility working to help youth suffering from drug addictions to overcome their dependencies and live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Established in 1996, the Portage Atlantic drug addiction rehabilitation centre has helped hundreds of Atlantic Canadian youth (aged 14-21) with substance abuse issues. Offering a long-term residential program, the facility is equipped with a professional and experienced staff and fosters an environment of encouragement and support among its residents. It also has an on site school to ensure youth are able to continue their education while attending the program.

In this therapeutic community environment, residents work through the underlying issues that caused their substance abuse and develop a set of social competencies that will help them deal with the challenges of everyday life without resorting to drug abuse.

Portage Atlantic works closely with many Saint John organizations, many of which Canaport LNG has also collaborated with over the past several years; all of these organizations are working together to ensure the best possible outcomes for our youth. Supporting youth in our community and investing in their development is one of the main areas of social investment for Canaport LNG and we are proud to partner with Portage Atlantic as they work to change lives and positively impact youth at risk, their families and our community.


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