Repsol and Canaport LNG fund new mammography technology for Saint John

Saint John, New Brunswick (December 18, 2007) – Repsol and Canaport LNG, the joint energy project owned by Repsol and Irving Oil, announced today that they will donate a Full-Field Digital Mammography unit to St. Joseph’s Hospital. The unit, funded in partnership with the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation, will help improve breast health, an important healthcare concern for the Saint John community.

Earlier this Fall the Women’s Health Centre decommissioned one of its three mammography units after it failed to pass accreditation with the Canadian Association of Radiologists.

“We were facing the grim reality of growing waiting lists for mammography screenings, an important screening tool for detecting early breast cancer, due to an equipment shortfall,” said Dr. John Allan, a radiologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “But, thanks to this generous gift today from Canaport LNG and Repsol, St. Joseph’s Hospital will again be on the way to providing  the necessary diagnostic care and treatments to our patients, in a timely manner.”
Canaport LNG’s General Manager Jorge Ciacciarelli said, “We worked in partnership with St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation to determine where the hospital’s and the public’s healthcare needs were greatest,” said Ciacciarelli, “and found that providing this machine to the local community will fill a critical healthcare need for the citizens and families of Saint John.”

Phil Ribbeck, Repsol’s Director for Commercial Services North America expressed how pleased he was that Repsol was able to help address a key community need. “We attribute much of the success of the LNG project to the support that we’ve received from the community and the solid workforce that is helping us become the first LNG regasification terminal in Canada. Today’s gift simply represents Repsol and Canaport LNG giving back in a small way by addressing some of the critical needs in our community.”

“We’re proud to contribute to this gift through Canaport LNG. We applaud our partner, Repsol, for recognizing the local need for this important technology and being part of the solution,” said Murratte Graves, Program Director of LNG for Irving Oil.

In 2007, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in Canadian women and is second only to lung cancer in female cancer deaths. Early detection with high quality mammography screening and treatment at an early stage has successfully reduced the death rate from breast cancer by almost 50% of women participating in regular screening programs” says radiologist Dr. John Allan.

David Barry, Chairman of St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation Board acknowledged the generosity and goodwill of corporate partners Repsol and Canaport LNG. “I can’t express enough how donations like the one here today make it possible for St. Joseph’s Hospital physicians and staff to continue to provide excellence in healthcare” states Barry.
Health Minister Michael Murphy said his department is aiming to improve participation in mammography screening for early detection of breast cancer. He expressed his thanks to Repsol, Canaport LNG and the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation for their gift to the hospital for helping to achieve that goal.

“Mammogram screening every two years is strongly recommended for women aged between 50 and 69 years old for early detection of breast cancer,” Murphy said. “As a government, we welcome the support and the commitment of organizations like Repsol and Canaport LNG and the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation to help improve patient care for New Brunswickers.”
The total cost of the unit is $650,000. Canaport LNG and Repsol are making a $450,000 contribution, in partnership with the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation. 
This gift is the second major community donation of this kind. In October 2006, Canaport LNG and Repsol donated $440,000 to complete Lily Lake Pavilion.  
Speaking at today’s ceremony are Mayor Norm McFarlane, Minister of Health, Michael Murphy, Dr John Allan, Head of Mammography Services, Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation, Canaport LNG General Manager, Jorge Ciacciarelli and Vice President of Repsol Energy Canada, Denis Marcoux.


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Canaport LNG Partnership Limited is a partnership between Irving Oil Limited and Repsol. Canaport LNG is to begin operation as a world-class liquefied natural gas receiving and regasification terminal in late 2008. Situated at Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Cana port LNG will have a send-out capacity of 1.2-billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas a day, destined for markets in Canada and the northeastern United States. The project will create well over 700 jobs during construction.  To learn more, please visit

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