Sea Dogs and partners launch the "Canaport LNG Hat Trick For Reading" program

Program encourages students in grades K-3 to read for a chance to win Sea Dogs tickets

SAINT JOHN - The Saint John Sea Dogs are excited to launch the "Canaport LNG Hat Trick For Reading" program, a new educational initiative coordinated in partnership with Canaport LNG and the Anglophone South School District.

The program is aimed at students between kindergarten and grade 3 at 33 schools between Grand Bay-Westfield and Hampton. Students are asked to read three books, and keep track of their progress on "Canaport LNG Hat Trick For Reading" bookmarks. Students submit their bookmark ballots for an in-class draw, and are eligible to win a voucher for three tickets to a Saint John Sea Dogs hockey game during the 2013-14 season.

"We have always been focused on initiatives that are more than public appearances, ones that are good for the community and our schools,:" said Wayne Long, President of the Saint John Sea Dogs. "We are aware of the challenges this region has with literacy and we want to be part of the solution. We are thrilled to have Canaport LNG partnering with us, as they are very active in giving back to the community."

Canaport LNG will supply participating schools with a gift card to Scholastic Book Club Canada, which schools can use to purchase books for their respective libraries.

“Canaport LNG is thrilled to be taking an active role in promoting literacy among our youth,” said Adolfo Azcarraga, Canaport LNG’s General Manager. “Literacy skills are an essential function of our daily lives and this program will help to improve these skills, while also engaging the kids and encouraging them to find a love for reading.”

The launch coincides with Family Literacy Day across Canada.

In New Brunswick, the 2013 Provincial Literacy Assessment was administered to students in the second grade near the end of the 2012-2013 school year to assess their literacy proficiency. The goal of the government of New Brunswick is for students to leave grade 2 with the ability to read – 90% of students at grade level with 20% of those at the strong achievement level. Provincially, we continue to exceed the goal of 20% of students at the strong achievement level in reading.

The trend in achievement levels on the Provincial Literacy Assessment in Reading at Grade 2, over the past three years, indicates that students are maintaining performance. The Provincial target of 20% of students reaching the Strong Achievement Level continues to be sustained.

Grade 2 students in Anglophone School District-South for reading attained a score of 80.3% in the last two years.

"We are so pleased to participate in this partnership with the Saint John Sea Dogs, and Canaport LNG," said Zoe Watson, Superintendent of Anglophone South School District. "Teachers, education support teachers for literacy and parents work hard every day to improve our students' literacy skills. This initiative, which will encourage students from Hampton to Westfield to read 3 books, will enable all of us to foster the important love of reading. This is another example of how the community through partnerships can support our education initiatives."